• Bartek Brzezinski

    When I tried to set up tiers, it looks alright at the beginning.

    However, after the 1st Tier, I was sent back to the 'Home' screen, and after the 2nd Tier, I had an 'unexpected error'

    The Tier screen in the end looks like the last screenshot below. I cannot publish them either:

  • Bruno Carbonnelle

    When creating a Tier, it says I can create as many as I want in the informative box.  Is it true?  Is it not limited to 2?

  • Bruno Carbonnelle

    For a creator Lambda, what is a Benefit in the Tier?  There is no explanation that it is a something offered by the Creator to his/her fans, such as...   Should we have predefined elements as example + some text describing the Tier benefit?

  • Bartek Brzezinski

    When I try to publish my first tier, I m sent to payments screen but then I get the 'payment cancelled' message:


  • Benedetta Giannini

    Small typos: 

    - "lose" instead of "loose" (2nd paragraph)

    - missing "." at the end of the 4th line

    - there should be no spacing before the ":" on the last line before the action item


  • Bartek Brzezinski / ThunderFuzz

    1. The details of the tier were not saved:

    2. Unable to edit the tier:

    3. Tier fields are inactive:


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