• Camille Fabre

    I created a post, but when I published it, the whole content disappeared, temporarily (everything that I wrote, the title, the picture, the track... vanished. It was back to empty). 

    So I thought I had to do it again, I started to fill out the fields again, but after about 1 min, my previous post was actually published! 

    I think it's too long, and the fields shouldn't be empty after you save your post. It makes you think that your post hasn't be published successfully.

    This is a screenshot of what appeared after I published my post:









  • Camille Fabre

    When an image has a long name, then you can't delete it from your post, the 'trash' icon doesn't have the place to appear:

    An example below, with the image called 'Vimos Huszar':

  • Bruno Carbonnelle

    Hello, processing time to save my post takes forever, and if I close the windows, it is lost.

  • Mathieu Gheysen


    Creating a post seems a "middle age" process with all add image + add video.

    E.g. Facebook post : 

    1, define your audience (=Tier)


  • Bartek Brzezinski / ThunderFuzz

    Image for the post was uploaded but not saved:


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