This is where you manage your tracks internally (not publicly). 


This flow comes in several steps, listed below

  • Track information 


  • Artists and Contributors


  • Type of rights (Legal)


Let us know if you encounter any issues or if you have any feedback :-) 



  • Bartek Brzezinski

    Track upload successful. Adding metadata as well.


    - Matadata disappears from the screen after saving (screens 5 and 6) 

    - Year of recording - dates sorted ascending. Descending would be more practical (screen 7)

    - ISRC formats very confusing (screens 7 and 8) - it requires hyphens between numbers and letters but there is no info about it. I checked Distrokid and no hyphens are required there.

    - Track status - reads "Completed" even though I waiting approx. 10 minutes for the ACR scan (screens 11 and 12)

  • Bruno Carbonnelle

    I have received the message "An unexpected error occur." when I uploaded my track and tried to save it.  No other message.  It was a remastered version of Coldplay, is it related to a right infringement? 

  • Camille Fabre

    I have a problem with my track 'Massive Impact'. The status stays on 'Incomplete', and it shows an issue on the 'Legal' tab of the track. But everything is completed, all the info and details are there, and saved. I think it comes from the fact that my track is under Creative Commons status, so 'Some Rights Reserved'.

    There is no details for the creator about where the error is coming from, and how to fix it.




  • Aleksandar Binev

    It is hard to access with the mouse in order to click the "No" like in the example below. 


  • Aleksandar Binev

    I tried to modify some details regarding a track after it was uploaded.

    The "Save" button on the bottom doesn't work every time. Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

  • Mathieu Gheysen

    Performance vocals is restricted to Male female or other – it could be all of them, no ?

  • Bartek Brzezinski / ThunderFuzz

    A valid ISRC is not accepted unless hyphens are inserted even though they are not mandatory on other paltforms:

  • Bruno Carbonnelle

    I received the message that "an unexpected error occurred" when uploading a track, and I am redirected back to the homepage then.  I have tried a few times and got the same issue.

  • Alexandre M.Kembe

    I've deleted my release, but my track is still associated with a release that doesn't exist.+ 

  • Sophie Hubinont


    Here, the following steps to reproduce a bug when we edit a track to complete his status ( "an unexpected error occurred" -> redirect to homepage.

    screencast 2022-09-27 14-35-07.mp4

    Also, probably because I'm a total newbie, I can't see / understand directly which properties are required to complete a track, maybe we can add some * to indicate which fields are mandatory ?



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