This is the step where you will create your account as a "user" before creating your profile as an "artist" 

The screenshot below is what the initial page looks like: 



Let us know if you encounter any issues or if you have any feedback :-) 



  • Aleksandar Binev

    I cannot create an account for this forum if I am using Safari. I cannot validate the "Cookies" in order to create an account. It seems to work in Chrome 

  • Mathieu Gheysen

    I found a way to validate this forum in Safari. Don't ask me how - it was randomly working after a few manipulations.

  • Mathieu Gheysen

    After creating my account, I’m in an endless loop for the creation :

    When reentering the Winamp for creator (after closing the previous page), I was well now logged as a creator. Quite disturbing.


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