Discover our new all-in-one platform for audio creators!

A game changer since 1997, Winamp is expanding its mission and creating a new space for creators and music lovers. This autumn, Winamp is rolling out new tools to bring creators and fans together simply and efficiently and welcoming the first group of music creators with free access and exclusive perks.

As an artist, musician, podcaster, or songwriter, you can profit from the set of tailor-made professional services for independent music creators and producers.

From tools to build a fanbase and manage copyrights to YouTube Content ID protection and licensing services, Winamp got you covered!


Become one of the select group of artists and audio creators who’ll benefit from our full range of Winamp services in 2022 and get discovered by the large community of Winamp listeners.  


Get access to our services and earn amazing rewards: 

① Early onboarding on Winamp for Creators, in 2022;
② One year of FREE access to all services;
③ Exclusive and limited llama artwork;
④ Chance to participate in our exclusive 25th-anniversary contest.


Claim your Creator Pass ➡️ here 

Join the Beta.webp


Learn more about the Winamp for Creators | Closed Beta⚡

Try the platform and give us your feedback 🗳️






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