To make the best use of the Fanzone and get the most out of it, here are some keys points:

  • Creating an attractive profile: 

Your public profile is the storefront of your artist page. Adding a profile picture, cover picture, and an excellent bio will attract the maximum number of users and fans in your tier. 

Here's what a potential fan will see when they view your profile:

Creator page - Unsubscribed (1).png

  • Create a tier, and develop your community: 

Once your tiers are created, you will have to define the type of content your fans will have access to; these are the benefits.

NOTE: All contents of the lowest tier will be automatically included in the highest tier.


Here are some examples of what you can offer in your tier:

- Access to the new releases in preview

- Unreleased content (tracks, mixes...)

- Exclusive content access 

- Exclusive performances ( private concerts, demos...) 

- 1 free concert ticket per month

- Behind the scene content

- Livestream


A Tier needs to be regularly updated with new posts to be as attractive as possible.


Here is how you'll see your Tiers (admin Fanzone) :

WFZ - Membership tiers - 1 tier live but no data.png


Here is how your Tiers will be visible to Listeners before subscribing:

Creator page - Unsubscribed.png





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