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Winamp In-app Store

The core Winamp for Android application is free. To purchase additional premium features, go to: Winamp Home Screen (v1.3 or higher) >> Store. If you’ve do not see the Store button on your Home screen go to: Home Screen >> Menu >> Store.

Pro Bundle (Winamp Pro for Android)

The Pro Bundle is a group of premium audio features that are available for purchase directly from the Winamp In-app Store: Winamp for Android >> Home Screen >> Store >> Pro Bundle. Or alternatively you can purchase the “Pro” features as a separate app - Winamp Pro from Google Play. These two separate purchase methods: “Pro Bundle” and “Winamp Pro” (for Android) offer the same set of features.


The “Pro” features offer enriched audio, premium features and customization options:  

  • 10-band graphic equalizer

  • Customizable home screen

  • Browse by “Folders”

  • Crossfade

  • Gapless playback

  • Support for FLAC playback (in “Folders” view only)

  • ReplayGain

  • Personalized station recommendations

  • Play streaming audio URLs

  • No ads


Optimize how your audio sounds with the our graphic equalizer. The EQ includes 10 bands, a per-amp setting, 17 EQ Presets (rock, techno, Full Base, etc.), as well as the ability to manually adjust the EQ settings and save your own presets.


Also available from the Equalizer screen are the Crossfade settings. Crossfading is used by radio and club DJs alike. It allows for seamless transitions between songs: simultaneously fading out the volume of the current song, while fading in the volume of the up-coming song. You can set the Crossfade setting to be anywhere from 0 to 20 seconds.

ReplayGain Support

If you have the Pro Bundle, Winamp for Android will support ReplayGain calculations. ReplayGain attempts to normalize the volume (or perceived loudness) of audio tracks. For more information, read our product blog post - Automatic Volume Leveling in Winamp with ReplayGain. To turn on ReplayGain go to Winamp Home Screen >> Menu >> Setting >> ReplayGain. You can also access the ReplayGain settings from the Equalizer screen.

Customizable Home Screen

The Customize Home Screen feature allows you to rearrange the order of the home screen buttons to fit your needs. You can also add your favorite SHOUTcast station or favorite playlist directly to the home screen.

To customize your home screen go to Winamp Home Screen >> Menu >> Customize Home. From here you will see a list of all of the home screen buttons as well as all playlists or favorite SHOUTcast stations. Note: to see SHOUTcast stations in this view, you must first have them marked as a “favorite station”.

To rearrange the Home screen buttons, use the grip to the left of the button name and drag it to the desired location. When finished, tap on the Winamp lightning bolt (bottom right-hand corner). This will return you to the Home screen. Only the top 8 items, will be viewable on the home screen. To access the other buttons that are not displayed on the home screen go to Home >> Menu >> More. From there you can navigate to any of the home screen options.

To restore your default Home screen setting, from the Customize Home view go to: Menu >> Restore Default Layout.

You also have the option to edit playlist and SHOUTcast station names. From the Customize Home view, long hold on a playlist or station.

Browse by Folders

In addition to browsing your music by Artists, Albums, Songs, Genres & Playlists; you can now browse and manage playback directly from your system folders.

To navigate to the “Folders” view go to: Home Screen >> Menu >> Folders; or you can customize your Home Screen to include the Folder view on your main Home Screen view.

From the “Folders” view you can navigate to specific folders within your Android OS file structure. You also have the option of quickly navigating back to the either the “Root” folder or your “Home” folder by selecting Menu >> “Root” or “Home”. To set your “Home” folder, navigate to the desired folder and long hold on the folder. In the pop-up menu select “Set Home”.

Gapless Playback

With “Pro” we have automatically minimized the silence between songs with Gapless playback. Note: There is no setting to turn Gapless playback on/off.

FLAC Support

FLAC is high quality audio codec. The term FLAC itself stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec, which means that audio is compressed in FLAC without any loss in quality. For now, the only way to view and play FLAC files in Winamp for Android is by navigating to the file using the browse by “Folders” navigation.

In a future release, we will add support so that you can view FLAC files in the standard views (e.g. Artists, Albums, Songs, etc.).

Personalized Station Recommendations

To find personalized station recommendations go to: Home >> SHOUTcast >> Recommended For You. This is a list of stations customized for you based on the music files you have on your Android device.

Play Streaming Audio URLs

If you are unable to find a particular SHOUTcast station and you know the URL,or if you what to play a particular streaming audio URL go to: Home >> SHOUTcast >> Manually Enter Station and then type or paste the address.

No Ads

The free version of Winamp for Android has banner ads on certain screens within the application. For example on SHOUTcast screens as well as Free Music screens (MP3 of the Day, and Spinner). If you purchase the Pro Bundle (or Winamp Pro for Android), you’ll have an ad free experience.

Album Washer

The Winamp Album Washer, powered by Gracenote®, allows you to clean-up your audio files. In other words, Album Washer updates your incorrect/missing track info or tags (Artist Name, Track Title, Album Name, etc.) and allows you to download missing album art. For more details on Gracenote functionality, go to [1].

Album Washer is available as an in-app purchase from within the Winamp In-App Store (available in the free or Pro versions of Winamp for Android). To get Album Washer, launch Winamp on your Android device. From the home screen select the “Store”, and then select Album Washer. The in-app purchase transaction will be processed through Google Play (formerly known as Android “Market”). Album Washer is currently limited to the following file formats: AAC, MP3 & FLAC. (Note: FLAC requires Winamp Pro.)

Using Album Washer

To get started, from the Now Playing screen, long hold on the album art (or the default missing album art image). In the long hold menu, select “Get Album Art & Metadata”. At this point, Album Washer will start analyzing the selected track as well as other tracks from the same album. You will be presented with a list of options for the best possible match. The results will be displayed with the highest confidence matches listed first. These will be flagged with a green icon in the lower right-hand corner. The less confident results will be displayed as well but they will be flagged with a yellow, orange or red icon.

Once you’ve selected the appropriate match, you’ll be presented with a screen that displays all of the associated information about the album you selected:

  • Album Art
    • Current album art compared to the new image
    • Tap on the image to enlarge; tap “X” to close
    • Checkmark next to Album Art on by default. Deselect if you do not want to overwrite current image
  • Album Metadata
    • Artist, Album, & Year
    • Checkmark next to Album Metadata on by default. Deselect if you do not want to overwrite current metadata (tags).
  • Track List
    • List of tracks that Album Washer is going to write to.

Once you've reviewed the information you can either click “Apply” or “Cancel”. Please note that the changes will be applied to all tracks displayed in the results “track list”, and not just to the initial track you selected.
In addition to accessing Album Washer from the Now Playing screen, you can also initiate it from several long hold menus by selecting, “Get Album Art & Metadata”:

  • “Songs” view: Home >> Songs >> Long hold on specific song
  • “Albums” view: Home >> Albums >> Long hold on specific album
  • “Artists” view: Home >> Artists >> Specific Artist >> Long hold on specific album

Album Washer for SHOUTcast

Album Washer will also display high quality album art for SHOUTcast stations. The feature is turned off by default so users will have to first enable it.  Go to Settings >> SHOUTcast Album Art or by long pressing on the SHOUTcast Now Playing screen.


The Lyrics add-on displays lyrics and automatically scrolls in time with the song you're listening to.  Please note that lyric synchronization is not available on all songs.
Lyrics are available for users in the following countries:
Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and the United States.
More countries will be available in the future releases.

Turning Lyrics On:

From the Now Playing Screen, tap the screen to reveal the overlay menu. The fourth icon from the left is the Lyrics toggle.
Tap the icon once to show Lyrics on top of album art. Tap it a second time to hide the album art. Or tap it a third time to turn Lyrics off again.

The Free version of Winamp offers a preview that only displays the first few lines of the lyrics.

Lyrics Synchronization

With Lyrics on, you'll notice an icon in the top right-hand corner of the Now Playing screen. This icon lets you know the status of the Lyrics. Tap the icon to reveal the notifier which will give you additional track information including lyric status.

A green icon indicates synced lyrics. Where a yellow icon indicates un-synced lyrics are available. And finally, a red icon indicates that lyrics are not yet available for that track. 

Explicit Lyrics:

By default explicit lyrics are turned off. If you want to see the uncensored version of the lyrics, go to the Winamp Home Screen >> Menu >> Settings.  Scroll down and place a check mark next to "Explicit Lyrics". 

Reporting Wrong Lyrics:

If you notice that the lyrics are incorrect for a certain song, you can send us a report. From the Now Playing screen, select Menu >> "Wrong lyrics?". 

Using the Lyrics add-on with Album Washer

If you are also an Album Washer user, the long hold feature on the Now Playing screen is disabled while lyrics are on. You can still use Album Washer on your tracks from the Now Playing screen, but you must first turn off Lyrics and then long press on the album art.



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