Headset Controls

By default, Winamp will respond to headset controls only when Winamp is in focus. To continue to maintain headset controls even when out of focus go to:
Home >> Menu >> Setting >> check the “Control headset” box. Note: If you have multiple applications on your Android device that request headset controls, be sure to adjust the settings of those applications to avoid conflicts. 


The Winamp for Android app leverages the native Android broadcast API, allowing the app to broadcast the now playing information to other applications. If you have a Last.fm account and have Last.fm installed on your Android device, you can scrobble your mobile listening history in real time. From the Winamp app home screen, go to Menu >> Settings >> Enable Scrobbling.


Winamp for Android allows you to not only browse by Artists, Albums, Songs, Genres or Playlists, but gives you the ability to search for Songs from within the application. There’s also a setting that allows you to include your Winamp media in the global Android search.
To include Winamp media in the global Android search, go to the Winamp app home screen >> Menu >> Settings >> Searchable items >> Searchable items >> select Winamp in the list of options.
Additionally, Winamp for Android supports Android’s “Listen to” voice action and can be set as the default player that responds to the “Listen to” action.
To set Winamp as the default, activate the voice action by long holding on the Android search icon. Say, “Listen to _____” (artist name, song name, etc.).
From the pop-up menu, place a check next to “Use by default for this action” and then select Winamp. 

Supported Languages

Winamp for Android now supports 17 languages including:

Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Romanian, Russian, Spanish & Turkish. We plan on adding support for additional languages in future releases. For the latest list of available languages go to: Home >> Menu >> Settings >> About and scroll to the bottom of the screen for a complete list.

Note: There is no option in the Winamp application to change languages. Winamp will only be translated into the languages listed above if the Android OS is set to that language. 

Send Feedback

To send feedback go to: Home >> Menu >> Settings > Send Feedback. This will open an e-mail pre-populated with device information to help us troubleshoot any issues you may be experiencing. 


The Settings page is only accessible from the Winamp for Android home screen. To go to the Winamp home screen (by clicking on the lightening bolt in the play controls) and go to: Menu >> Settings.

All Setting Options:

  • Enable auto-mount
  • Enable wireless
  • Wi-Fi settings
  • Set Device Name
  • Searchable items
  • Enable Scrobbling
  • Use lock-screen player
  • Control headset
  • SHOUTcast Album Art (only available to Album Washer users)
  • Notification Bar Type
  • Winamp In-app Help
  • Winamp Help Wiki
  • Terms of Service
  • System
  • About
  • Send Feedback
  • ReplayGain
  • Explicit Lyrics (only available to Lyrics users)

Winamp For Android FAQ

Please visit the Winamp for Android FAQ for a list of frequently asked questions.



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