You can sync your favorite playlists from your computer to Winamp for Android, or you can edit or create new ones from your mobile device. To see what playlists you have available, go to Home >> Playlist. From the Playlist screen, you will see: Recently added, Recently played, Top Played, as well as any playlist you have synced. From the Playlist screen you can also create new playlists by tapping the Menu button and selecting “Create playlist.”. Once created, navigate to any of the following views: Artists, Albums, Songs, or Genres and long hold on a song. From the pop-up menu, select “Add to playlist”.

Play Queue Management

A play queue is a temporary track listing that allows you to easily select and sort tracks. For those already familiar with the Winamp desktop application, the “Playlist Editor” is a play queue. In the Winamp for Android app you can access the play queue from the Player Controls (far left button). From the Play Queue screen, the grips to the left of the track titles allow you to change the sort order.


  • When navigating your media library (Artists, Songs, Albums, etc.), tapping on a single track from an Album view clears the current play queue and populates it with all the tracks from that selection. Playback will start at the particular track you selected.
  • To keep your current Play Queue and add a single track to the end of the queue, long press on that track. From the pop-up menu select Enqueue. This will add the selected track to the bottom of the current play queue. You can also enqueue an entire album or artist by long holding on the album or artist name.
  • To clear the play queue from the play queue screen, select Menu >> Clear Play Queue.
  • If you like your queue, you can choose to save it as a playlist – from the play queue screen, select Menu >> Save as Playlist.


Widget Players & Shortcuts

From the Android OS home screen (not the Winamp for Android home screen), you can create a Widget Player, allowing you instant access to Winamp player controls right on your Android’s home screen. You can even create shortcuts to your favorite Winamp playlists.

Widget Player:

Android home screen >> long hold on available screen space >> select Widget >> select either the Winamp 4x1 player (smaller player without album art), or the Winamp 4x2 player (includes album art).

Note: Winamp for Android 1.3 (and above) supports the “Move to SD Card” functionality. This allows you to move the Winamp apk to your device’s external storage. Please note that your Widgets will no longer work if the Winamp apk has been moved to your device’s external storage. 

Lockscreen Player

For immediate access to player controls when your Android device is locked, you will need to enable the lock-screen player. The design of the lock-screen player is similar to the Now Playing screen but with limited functionality. It allows you to pause/play or navigate to the next or previous song without having the hassle of unlocking your device. To enable the lock-screen player go to the Winamp home screen: Menu >> Settings >> Use lock-screen player.


Android home screen >> long hold on available screen space >> select Shortcuts >> select one of your Winamp playlists. This will add that playlist to your Android’s home screen.



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