Persistent Player Controls

The player controls are available from most screens of the Winamp for Android app. They provide consistent, intuitive and quick access to play/pause, previous/next song, the play queue, the Now Playing page and one-touch access back to the Home screen. When you first install the application the tutorial page will load to illustrate important features. To access the tutorial at a later date, go to the Home screen >> Menu >> Settings and select “Winamp In-app Help”. When finished, click the “Continue” button.



  • Tap the bottom left button to access the Play Queue

  • Tap the bottom right button to access the Home screen

  • Tap the bottom three middle buttons to control playback - previous, play/pause, & next

  • Tap and slide the grip above the Play Queue button to access/hide the Now Playing screen


Now Playing Screen

The Now Playing screen displays valuable song information such as song name, artist name, album name, song length and any available album art. Additionally, the Now Playing screen is a collapsible drawer that allows you to reveal the previous screen.

  • Grip - the Now Playing bar to easily expand/collapse the Now Playing screen

  • Swipe - left or right to change songs

  • Long Press - to download missing album art and track info (requires Album Washer which is available for purchase in the Winamp In-App Store)

  • Tap - to reveal a secondary menu with additional information and actions

    • Additional metadata (e.g. Album Name)

    • Info icon - artist bio, news, discography, photos & album tracks

    • Extras icon - allows Winamp to interact with other installed applications (device browser, YouTube, Pandora,, etc.)

    • Equalizer icon - 10-band graphic EQ, ReplayGain & Crossfading (requires Pro Bundle which is available for purchase in the Winamp In-App Store).

    • Lyrics icon - 3-state toggle: Lyrics overlay, Lyrics on, Lyrics off (runs in demo mode, available for purchase in the Winamp In-App Store)

    • Shuffle icon - toggles shuffle on/off

      • The Shuffle icon is also available as a Menu option on most screens

    • Repeat icon - repeat all songs or repeat current song only

  • Notifier pop-up - on track change a notifier box will pop-up giving you additional information about the currently playing song



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