Introducing Winamp for Android

Circa: 2007-2012

The Winamp Media Player is available for Windows, Mac (beta), and the Android operating systems. Winamp for Android is available for download from Google Play.

With Winamp for Android, you can easily play, manage and sync music from your Mac or PC to your Android device; offering users a complete music management solution. Other features include free wireless syncing, one-click iTunes library import, free music, premium features and access to over 50,000 internet radio stations with SHOUTcast.

Media Sync

By using the Winamp desktop player (Mac or PC), you can sync music to Winamp for Android through both a wired or wireless connection.


For wired sync, you will need to plug-in your Android device via USB. From the Winamp desktop application, go to the Devices node in the Media Library. Be sure you have enabled the USB mass storage mode on your Android device, which allows you to copy files to/from your computer.

Additionally, the Winamp for Android app offers an optional setting to enable “auto-mount”. Auto-mount will automatically enable the USB mass storage mode.

To activate this setting, go to the Winamp for Android home screen >> Menu >> Settings and select “Enable auto-mount”. Note: this may temporarily disable other applications from running on your Android device.


With the latest version of Winamp Media Player (PC or Mac) installed on your computer and with Winamp for Android installed on your mobile device, you have the option to sync media over a Wi-Fi network. From the Winamp app home screen go to Menu >> Settings and select “Enable wireless sync”. This allows Winamp for Android to connect to Winamp over Wi-Fi.

Before your first wireless sync, you will have to pair your Winamp app with your Winamp desktop application. This occurs prior to the first sync and is not required for subsequent transfers. From the Winamp Media Library on your desktop, go to the Devices node and double click on your device in the “Discovered” view. This will send a notification to your Android device. Once confirmed, your device will appear in the “Attached” view. (Note: after you’ve confirmed the notification, you may have to double-click on the device a second time to attach.)

Music folder location and filename configuration

When using USB transfer mode, the music files are stored on the SD card at
(where X: is the drive letter associated with the Android device’s sd card).

The subfolder/filename structure depends on the settings in:
Winamp (desktop) > Prefs (Ctrl+P) > Portables > Android Drive X > Advanced tab.

When using MTP or WiFi transfer mode, the music is stored on the internal memory card in the Music dir.
When the device is connected via USB cable in MTP mode, you can navigate to the Music folder via:
Computer\{DeviceName}\Internal storage\Music

The Advanced tab isn’t available in MTP/WiFi mode
and the subfolder/filename structure defaults to:
Music\{AlbumArtist}\{AlbumTitle}\## – Title.mp3

We plan to implement the capability for MTP/WiFi transfers to the Music folder on the external SD Card in a forthcoming release.



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