To play a CD


  • With Winamp open, insert a CD into your computer's CD-ROM drive. If you have made Winamp the default player for audio CDs in the Winamp preferences, the CD should play automatically.
  • In case the CD doesn't automatically play, open the File menu and click Play Folder. The Open Folder window appears.
  • Select the CD-ROM drive that contains your audio CD and click OK.


Other methods of playing Audio CDs


  • Or use: Main Menu > Play > Audio CD X:. The main menu is accessible via the top left-corner icon, or by right-clicking the frame. Note: This method is required for playing Enhanced CDs.
  • Or type the following into the "Add/Open URL" dialog: cda://X(where "X" is the CD Drive letter)
  • Or open the Media Library, go to your CD Drive listed under Rip & Burn, and click one of the 'Play' or 'Enqueue' buttons.


Note: The CDDB functionality of Winamp 5.6.x and previous is missing in v5.8 and 5.9.0.

We plan to reimplement CDDB features in a forthcoming release.



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