Searching with Jump to File:


To search a large playlist, whilst the Playlist Editor window is in focus, hit the 'J' or 'F3' key on your keyboard to open the 'Jump to File' dialog. The entire playlist will initially appear in the search results, and will be filtered-out as you type into the Search field.


Tip: By default, the search results will match any of the Artist, Title and containing Folder criteria.
To fetch results for Album or any other fields from the file tags, first you will need to adjust your
Advanced Title Formatting syntax for the Playlist Editor accordingly.



Searching your playlist with the PlaylistPro feature in the Winamp Modern and Bento skins:


In the Bento or Modern skin, from the Options menu, select: Playlist => Show Playlist Search box.

A "Search in Playlist" area will then appear at the top of the Playlist editor where you can type your search criteria.

Hit the "Enter" key to start the search.

Double click a result to start playing it.

Select multiple items in the search results by using Ctrl+click or Shift+click.

Right-click selected items for more options, including:

  • Move to top
  • Move to bottom
  • Move after current

Clear the current search by clicking the x button on the right of the Search in Playlist area.



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