The Media Library

Winamp features a complete Media Library that gives you access and organization over your media content, both online and offline.


The Media Library includes the following views:

  • Bookmarks: For storing quick links to your favorite online streams.
  • History: Keeps track of when and how many times any items (remote streams, local media, etc) are played through Winamp.
  • Local Media: Displays files on your computer that you've added to the Media Library. To add files to your media library, click "Add Media to Library" via the "Library" button, then select a folder that contains the media files you want to add.
    • Audio: Displays audio files in the Media Library based on artist, album, or genre.
    • Video: Displays video files in the Media Library.
    • Smart Views: Create your own Smart Views with the powerful Query Editor.
  • Playlists: Allows you to create and import playlists. Playlists added to the Media Library are listed underneath this option.
  • CD Ripper: Lists your CD/DVD Drives and provides the interface for ripping Audio Cds.
  • Portables: Lists the portable media devices connected to your computer that Winamp can manage, such as: iPod, Creative Nomad, USB Thumbdrives, PlaysForSure (P4S/MTP), Android and ActiveSync Devices, etc.
  • Online Services: Lists SHOUTcast Radio and TV stations that you can search by keyword, bandwidth and genre. Also includes: 7digital mp3 store, exfm, AOL Radio (USA-only), Ourstage Radio, Lyrics services, and more.
  • Podcast Directory: Allows you to download and subscribe to over 30,000 audio and video podcasts. To directly add podcast RSS feeds to your subscriptions, click on the "Add" button in the Subscriptions view and input the feed in the field box.
    • Subscriptions: Allows you to manage all your subscribed and downloaded podcasts. Add and delete subscriptions, manage preferences, and download and stream podcasts from this view.
  • Downloads: Displays the progress and history of media downloads from online services. This view will only be displayed when downloads are currently available to view.

Adding Files to the Media Library

To add files to the Media Library


  • If the Media Library isn't open, open the View menu located in the Winamp main window and click Library or by pressing ALT+L on your keyboard.
  • Open the File menu in the Media Library and click Add Media to Library. The Add Media to Library window appears. (Note, also accessible by clicking the "Library" button)
  • Select the folder that contains the media files you wish to add. Note: Winamp will scan the folder and all its sub folders for supported media files. You should scan a specific folder (C:\My Music) rather than your entire hard drive (i.e. C:\) to shorten the time it takes for Winamp to scan for files.
  • Click OK to confirm your choice.




  • To add single files to the Library, right-click items in the Playlist Editor window, and select: Send To -> Add To Local Media.

Searching Your Media Library

To search your local media


  • If the Media Library isn't yet open, open the View menu and click Library.
  • Click Local Media in the left pane of the Media Library.
  • In the Search field, type a search term. As you type, matching tracks are displayed.


To search Shoutcast Radio


  • If the Media Library isn't yet open, open the View menu and click Library.
  • Click Online Services in the left pane of the Media Library, then click Shoutcast Radio underneath.
  • In the Search field, type a search term, such as a station name, song, artist, or genre. As you type, stations that contain the search term you type are displayed.



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