Dialog 1: Installer Language

Select a language (default is English).


Click "OK"


Screen 1: Welcome Screen

Welcome to the Winamp Installer.


Click "Next"


Screen 2: License

Accept the license agreement.


Click "Next"

Screen 3: Choose Install Location

Destination Folder.


The default folder is: "C:\Program Files\Winamp" To change it, either type in the path yourself, or manually create an appropriate folder via Windows Explorer first, and then use the "Browse" button to locate said folder.


Note that on clean installs, all settings are saved to the user's Application Data folder @ %AppData%\Winamp regardless of what destination folder is selected for the program installation.


Click "Next"

Screen 4: Choose Components

Installation Type: Full | Standard | Lite [#] | Previous | Custom


Select the components/plugins/features you wish to install:

Winamp Agent [#]


Filename: winampa.exe
Adds a system tray icon for quick access to winamp's menu/features.


Multimedia Engine


  • Audio Playback [#]
    • MP3 (required) - Filenames: in_mp3.dll | aacdec.w5s. Adds support for MP3, MP2, MP1 & AAC audio playback.
    • Windows Media Audio (WMA) - Filename: in_wm.dll. Adds support for WMA playback, including DRM support.
    • MIDI - Filenames: in_midi.dll | read_file.dll. Adds support for playback of many MIDI formats.
    • MOD/XM/SM/IT - Filenames: in_mod.dll | read_file.dll. Adds support for playback of tracker module file formats.
    • OGG Vorbis Playback - Filename: in_vorbis.dll. Adds support for playback of .ogg audio.
    • MP4 Audio Support - Filenames: libmp4v2.dll | in_mp4.dll (Winamp\Plugins) | aacdec.w5s (Winamp\System). Adds support for playback of MPEG-4 Audio (M4A/MP4).
    • FLAC Support - Filenames: libflac.dll | in_flac.dll. Adds support for FLAC playback.
    • CD Playback and Extraction - Filename: in_cdda.dll. Adds support for Audio CD playback with Digital Audio Extraction. (Note: Also required for Ripping & Burning support).
    • WAV/VOC/AU/AIFF - Filenames: in_wave.dll | libsndfile.dll. Adds support for playback of waveform formats.


  • Video Playback
    • Windows Media Video (WMV, ASF) - Filename: in_wm.dll. Adds support for WMV/ASF playback.
    • Nullsoft Video (NSV)- Filenames: in_nsv.dll | nsvdec_vp3.dll | nsvdec_vp5.dll | vp6.w5s | vp8.w5s. Adds support for playback of Nullsoft Streaming Video (.nsv) & Audio (.nsa)
    • DirectShow Formats (MPG, M2V) - Filename: in_dshow.dll. Adds playback support for MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 video, plus any audio/video formats which use system DirectShow filters (extra file extensions such as OGV OGM AC3 DAT MOV RMVB etc, and even MKV MP4 WAV can be added manually, but require external DirectShow Splitters/Filters to be installed on your system).
    • AVI Video - Filenames: in_avi.dll | h264.w5s | vp6.w5s | mp4v.w5s | aacdec.w5s | adpcm.w5s | pcm.w5s. Adds playback support for AVI video (MPEG-4 video, e.g. Xvid & DivX = Winamp Pro only).
    • Flash Video (FLV) - Filename: in_flv.dll. Adds playback support for Flash Video (VP6, H.263 & h.264).
    • Matroska (MKV, MKA, WEBM) - Filenames: in_mkv.dll | h264.w5s | vp8.w5s | theora.w5s | aacdec.w5s. Adds playback support for Matroska video (MPEG-4 H.264 video = Winamp Pro only).
    • MPEG-4 Video - Filenames: libmp4v2.dll | in_mp4.dll | aacdec.w5s | h264.w5s | mp4v.w5s | pcm.w5s. Adds support for playback of MPEG-4 video (MP4/M4V). Winamp Pro only.
    • Flash Media Protocol (SWF, RTMP) - Filenames: in_swf.dll | winampFLV.swf. Adds playback support for Adobe Shockwave Flash (SWF) and Adobe Streaming Media Protocol (RTMP). Note: Requires Adobe Flash Player to be pre-installed on system.


  • Audio Encoders
    • WMA Encoding - Filename: enc_wma.dll. Adds support for encoding to WMA with the CD Ripper and Transcoder.
    • WAV Encoding - Filename: enc_wav.dll. Adds support for encoding to WAV with the CD Ripper and Transcoder.
    • MP3 Encoding - Filenames: enc_lame.dll | lame_enc.dll (LAME Encoder). Adds support for encoding to MP3 with the CD Ripper and Transcoder. (Note: Only available in Winamp Pro, otherwise locked).
    • AAC Encoding - Filenames: enc_fhgaac.dll | libmp4v2.dll. Fraunhofer AAC Encoder. Adds support for encoding to AAC LC & HE-AAC in M4A container with Winamp's CD Ripper and Transcoder.
    • FLAC Encoding - Filename: enc_flac.dll. Adds support for encoding to FLAC with the CD Ripper and Transcoder.


  • Output [#]
    • DirectSound Output (required) - Filename: out_ds.dll. Default Output plugin (recommended).
      Configuration & Troubleshooting.
      Also provides support for:
        1. Multi-speaker output
        2. Gapless playback
        3. Crossfading
    • Old-school WAV/MME Writer - Filename: out_disk.dll. Old DiskWriter plugin for converting files from one format to another (default is PCM WAV, but supports all system ACM codecs). Deprecated, but some users still prefer to use it instead of the Encoder plugins. Can be useful for doing things the Transcoder can't, eg. MIDI to WAV.
    • WaveOut Output - Filename: out_wave.dll. Old WaveOut Output. No longer required or recommended, but kept in for old time's sake.


  • Signal Processor Studio plugin - Filename: dsp_sps.dll. Adds options to use various sound effects (eg. mono, chorus, reverb, pitch, etc).


Winamp Library


  • Winamp Media Library - Filenames: Plugins\gen_ml.dll | 'plugins\ml' subfolder (library database). The Media Library window, for:
    • Building your music/video file database
    • Creating customizable views/smartlists
    • Mass editing file tags (eg. id3v1/v2 tags, vorbis comments, etc)
    • Viewing cover art for all your albums
    • Creating & storing all your Playlists
    • Storing/editing bookmarks
    • Rating files (1 to 5 stars)
    • Accessing the cd rip/burn interface
    • Album info/cover lookups
    • Shoutcast Radio listings
    • Podcasts subscription/management
    • Managing your Portable Media Players (Android, P4S, iPod, Zen, USB, etc)
    • And much much more (see additional ml plugins listed below)


Note: None of the core/extra ml_*.dll plugins listed below will load unless gen_ml.dll (the actual Media Library window component) is present. If no ml_*.dll plugins are present then the Media Library will be completely empty (ie. there'll be no views at all in the left pane).


  • Core Media Library Components - Local Media, Playlists, CD Rip & Burn, Bookmarks, History, Now Playing. Filenames: nde.dll (nullsoft database engine) | Plugins dir: ml_local.dll | ml_playlists.dll | ml_disc.dll | ml_bookmarks.dll | ml_history.dll | ml_nowplaying.dll


  • Transcoding Tool (aka: Format Converter)- Filename: ml_transcode.dll. Used for converting from one file format to another. Accessed via Playlist item's or Media Library entry's right-click menu > Send To > Format Converter.


  • Replay Gain Analysis Tool - Filenames: ml_rg.dll | ReplayGainAnalysis.dll (Plugins dir). Used for volume levelling, to try make all audio files play at approximately the same volume | More Info.


  • Database Import/Export Tool - Filename: ml_impex.dll (Plugins dir). For exporting the local media library database to an iTunes compatible .xml file (useful for backing up the database so it can be reimported later). Can also be used to import existing iTunes library database & playlists .xml files directly into Winamp's Media Library.


  • Podcast Directory (pka: Shoutcast Wire) - Filename: ml_wire.dll. Allows you to subscribe to, download and manage podcasts.


  • Online Media (aka: Media Library > Online Services) - Filename: ml_online.dll. Replacement in 5.2+ for old Online Media section. SHOUTcast Radio & TV, AOL/CBS Radio, Lyrics, and many others.


  • Portable Media Player Support (ml_pmp.dll, ml_devices.dll, devices.w5s)
    • iPod support (pmp_ipod.dll)
    • Creative Labs support (Zen Micro, Nomad Jukebox, etc) (pmp_njb.dll)
    • MS PlaysForSure support (pmp_p4s.dll) (requires WinXP sp1 or higher) - For all MTP & P4S compatible devices*
    • USB Device Support, for usb devices which mount as a drive (pmp_usb.dll)
    • Android Device Support (pmp_android.dll)
    • MS ActiveSync Support, for WindowsMobile devices (pmp_activesync.dll) (Requires ActiveSync installation).


* Note: Android devices which don't mount as a drive will connect in MTP mode (e.g. Nexus 4 & Archos 101 XS)


User Interface Extensions


  • Global Hotkey Support [#] - Filename: gen_hotkeys.dll. Adds support for using keyboard hotkeys to control Winamp's basic functions even when Winamp isn't the active app. Configurable via: Prefs > Global Hotkeys
  • Nullsoft Tray Control [#] - Filename: gen_tray.dll. Adds an option for showing Play/Stop/Next/Prev icons in systray.
  • Modern Skin Support - Filenames: gen_ff.dll | tataki.dll | 'plugins\freeform' dir. Adds support for Modern Skins (wal files). Without it, you will only be able to use classic 2.x skins (wsz files).




Self-explanatory visualization plugins...

  • Advanced Visualization Studio - Filename: vis_avs.dll | 'plugins\avs' dir (presets)
  • Milkdrop 2 - Filename: vis_milk2.dll | 'plugins\milkdrop2' dir (presets)
  • Line-in Support [#] - Filename: in_linein.dll. Adds support for linein:// input via: Add/Open URL Dialog (mainly for use with Winamp Visualization plugins).




Optional language packs (only appears in the multi-national installers).


[#] Included with Winamp Lite

Screen 5: Choose Start Options

  • Create Start menu entry: Places Winamp shortcuts in Start > Programs.
  • Create Quick Launch icon: Places a Winamp shortcut in the Quick Launch toolbar.
  • Create Desktop icon: Places a Winamp shortcut on the Desktop.

Uncheck what you don't want and click "Next"

Screen 6: Installing Winamp

Winamp installs....

Screen 7: Installation Complete

It is recommended to keep the following option check-marked:


  • Launch Winamp after the installer closes


Click "Finish"

Note: The following Winamp Setup 1-3 Screens only appear if you didn't uncheck the above "Launch Winamp after the installer closes" option.

Screen 8: Winamp Setup 1: Choose Skin

Select one of the two Bento skin options (standard or large). Choose 'Current' to select whatever skin was active prior to installation (useful on upgrades). Or select the Winamp Modern skin, or built-in Winamp Classic 2.x base skin, or any other 3rd-party skin (if installed).


Click "Next"

Screen 9: Winamp Setup 2: File Associations

  • Audio Files: Select which Audio filetypes you want Winamp to be the default player for (WinXP/7-only)
  • Other Files: Lists any file extensions added by 3rd-party Input plugins (WinXP/7-only)
  • Playlist Files: Select which Playlist filetypes you want Winamp to be the default player for (WinXP/7-only)
  • Video Files: Select which Video filetypes you want Winamp to be the default player for (WinXP/7-only)
  • Winamp Specific Files: Makes sure Winamp-specific filetypes such as WLZ (Winamp Language Pack), WSZ (Winamp Classic Skin), WAL (Winamp Modern Skin) are associated with Winamp. We strongly recommended to keep all of these checkmarked.
  • Launch Winamp for Audio CDs: Makes Winamp the default CD Player
  • Show Winamp in Folder context menus in Windows Explorer: Adds 'Play/Enqueue in Winamp' etc to the menu when you right-click Folders in Windows Explorer.
  • Enable Winamp Agent: Places Winamp Agent icon in systray.


Click "Finish"

A small "Starting Winamp" dialog appears.


Winamp Opens. Congratulations!



Download Winamp for Desktop




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