Welcome to the Fanzone!

Here, you can create your universe and make it available to your fans by creating a tier. 

The Fanzone will give exclusive access to the content you have decided to share with your subscribers and allow you to generate a new type of revenue.


It's a Fanpage managed by an artist and is a virtual scene where they can add and share their audiovisual content and get instant feedback from the fans.


As a Creator, discover a new way to share your works:

  • Update your data in the same place people listen to music.
  • Reach your streaming fans directly as they listen.
  • Discover new ways to generate income from your music.
  • A tier-based content subscription is an option for the creators to receive fair compensation directly from their supporters.


As a listener, be closer to your favorite artists:

  • Keep your music preferences in one place.
  • Buy tickets and merch where you listen, without having to scroll down.
  • Support your favorite artist in Winamp.
  • Get all your favorite audio in one spot.
  • A tier-based content subscription is an option for fans to get exclusive content from chosen creators.


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