The game-changer since 1997, a media player with a heritage and a vibrant community of millions of active users worldwide today.

We have created a new version: A universal platform connecting listeners to their favorite artists, podcasts & radios—a unique gateway to the all-audio-in Era and more.


All-audio-in platform

Winamp will be the only platform where listeners will listen to their music, audiobook, or podcast and connect with their favorite artists via Fanzone.


  • Empowerment: We allow music fans to take complete control of their audio content and connect with and support their favorite creators. On the other hand, our creators can diversify their income streams while collecting them in a single service, thus making their revenues more organized, consistent, and steady, and in turn, enabling them to make a living out of music. 


  • Transparency and Fairness: We care about artists, being them the core of our business. Therefore, we openly and transparently share the fair revenue percentages* we share with them for every service that monetizes their content. *Higher revenue shares than the Industry average. 


  • Trust and Community: Our goal is to create close relationships between creators and their fans, helping build trust and a sense of community. Allow your most passionate fans to directly support you with a monthly membership and build meaningful connections with them while collecting a predictable revenue.


Home of Creators

We strive for a fairer industry, where musicians are rewarded for their work and keep their rights and power as creators while reaching more fans and engaging with their community.


  • Publishing to Winamp
  • Releasing to all major DSPs (Apple, Spotify, Deezer, and more)
  • Right collection
  • Licensing
  • YouTube Content ID
  • Winamp NFT marketplace
  • ....


Home of audio enthusiasts 

Winamp is transforming how you listen, browse, manage and sync your music.

Winamp is for people who like to customize, tinker, and tweak, offering the broadest range of functions and services to add to your listening experience.

  • The legendary player (Not just updated, but remastered)  
  • Home to your favorite audio (music, podcasts, radio stations, and more)
  • Closer to the artists you love
  • ....







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