A Performance Rights Organisation (P.R.O.) is responsible for collecting revenue for songwriters and publishers when a song is broadcasted publicly or performed.


So what do you need to check before uploading your music to Winamp?

  • Does your Collecting Society collect only for the works registered with them, or do they collect for everything you create?
  • Are they registered by your name or the titles of your work?


Some examples:


Let's have a look at four different examples.


Case 1: You are registered with SGAE (Spain). They register you by your name, so everything you create from your registration date will automatically be registered with SGAE, and they are legally allowed to collect for your works. It does not matter whether you register each separate song with them or not. Even if you create music under a different artist's name, they are legally allowed to collect for any of your future works. 


Case 2: You are registered with SIAE (Italy) or SOCAN (Canada). Those P.R.O.s (Performance Rights Organisations) only register your tracks. This means that they will not collect royalties for tracks you do not register with them. 


Case 3: You are registered with SACEM (France). SACEM is becoming more flexible, so you can now register your tracks under Creative Commons (CC) to join Winamp. Huge first step. It means you can upload your tracks under CC on Winamp. 


Case 4: You are registered with B.M.I. (U.S.A.) or ASCAP (U.S.A.). You are registered with a very flexible PRO and can decide how to manage your tracks. However, if you wish to join Winamp, you must inform them they will not collect royalties on your behalf. 


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