Winamp for Creators is the ultimate platform for Creators and their activities.

We help you build a sustainable, predictable revenue by gathering all the services you need as a creator in one place. 

From distribution and monetization to licensing and royalty administration; the Winamp for Creators platform will include the following services:




  • Publishing to Winamp

      • Let your most engaged fans directly support you via a monthly membership.


  • Licensing service

      • Make your music available to sync professionals and/or for background music purposes, and get a fair income!


  • Content ID registration for your tracks:

      • Protect & monetize any unauthorized use of your tracks on YouTube.


  • And much more about to come in the following months!

      • Simplify your copyright royalties collection.
      • A beautifully designed website hosted on your domain.
      • Access to list your tracks on the Winamp NFT marketplace.
      • Releasing to streaming services (Apple, Spotify, Deezer, and 60+ more):


NOTE: We are currently testing our product and some features are not yet available. 

More about our Creators | Closed Beta  ⚡ 


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