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You are selected to be part of this unique experience.

You are the first to discover our new platform, and you will also be a precious help in improving this brand new product:

                Join the Beta.webp


  • What can I test in this first beta phase?

    • Account Creation.
    • Setting up one or several artist profiles.
    • Uploading tracks and filling in metadata.
    • Discovering the Fanzone - setting up your Fanzone profile, defining your subscription tiers, and the rewards users will receive.


NOTE: We are currently testing our product, and some features are not yet available. 

You can only save for later and not publish yet. 


  • How do I report bugs and issues?

    •  Please reach out to us directly through this Contact Form
    • To make it easier for our team, please include as much of the following information as possible:
      • A detailed description of the bug/issue.
      • Any screenshot and video are always of tremendous help.
      • OS version, browser version.


  • How can I provide more detailed feedback?

If you’re not encountering a bug but want to share ideas on how we can improve our creator platform or recommend features, please submit your ideas through this form:


  • Is there any place where I can interact with fellow beta-testers?

We’ve set up a Discord channel to welcome all beta testers progressively. It’s all fresh and new as we’ve just created it for this beta phase, but it’ll grow as we invite more and more creators.

Any questions? Please shoot us an email at




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