Be an active Creator to attract the most significant number of fans and thus increase your income.

In the Fanzone area, you can create posts like on social media:

  • In the Fanzone section, click on "Posts" then "Create a post."
  • Give a title to your post and add a short description.
  • Add an image(s) (PNG, JPG up to 15MB. 5max.)
  • Add a track(s): Search in your library or add audio to your posts (WAV, FLAC, AIFF, up to 480MB. 3max.)
  • Add a video (MP4 up to 100MB. 1 max.)
  • Create the post as exclusive (to the higher tier only) or not.

Click on "Save for later" or "Publish now."


Once your article(s) are created, you can view them in the "Posts" tab and publish them as content in your Tier.

You will have the option to know their status: "published" or "draft," and you will have the option to edit or delete them:

  • Edit a post: In the library of your post on the right, click on, then select "Edit." Update the information and click "Save."
  • Delete a post: In the library of your position on the right, click on, then select "Delete," and confirm.

NOTE: If you delete a post that is under a tier, notice that your tier subscribers will no longer see this post. The post will be deleted permanently from your tier and your posts.


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