To begin, let's create your public profile so that potential fans can have more information before subscribing:



  • In the section "Winamp Fanzone," click on "Profile."
  • Then update your profile information that will be visible to Winamp users: Creator name, Genre, Country, City, Profile picture (at least 256x256pixels recommended), and Cover picture (at least 1600x400pixels in size).
  • Create a short Biography; it will help your fans learn more about you, your music, and your influences.
  • Add your social media links to your Winamp artist page.

Click "Save" to set your personal information.


Once your profile has been created, you must now define the "Tier." A tier is a subscription level, giving access to different benefits according to what has been defined for each level.

Define their name, the amount to be paid to have access to them, and the benefits included.



  • In the section "Winamp Fanzone," click on "Tiers."
  • Click "Create a tier" and complete Tier information: Name and a short description. (max. two tiers, max. one free tier)
  • Define the price of the Tier: The price/month must be between 1,00 EUR/$/£ and 999EUR/$/£. To respect User rights, changing the tier price will not affect existing subscribers, only newcomers.


NOTE: The Tier can be free, but only with Creative Common license content.

Music under All rights reserved must be placed in a paid tier. If you want to know more about Creative Commons, please visit the link:

  • Define the benefit(s) of this Tier: define the benefits available to your subscribers. Benefits can be exclusive ( only available to the highest Tier) or not.

Click "Save for later" or "Publish tier."


NOTE: All contents of the lowest tier will be automatically included in the highest tier.


You will also be able to Edit or Delete your existing Tier:

  • Edit a tier: On the Fanzone area, "Tiers" section, your Tier(s) are now visible; click on "Edit tier" to update the information.
  • Delete a tier: Click on "Delete."


NOTE: If it's a paid tier, all your subscribers will receive a notification of the removal, and you will lose the subscribers. The deletion will take effect at the end of the current month; until then, you will not be able to create a new tier as you can have a maximum of two tiers.


Click on "Publish tier" or "Delete."


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