The last step in uploading your track is crucial; it tells us the different copyrights and the type of rights applied on the track.

This will allow us to collect and secure the income from your creations.


  1. Master recording owner:

     Enter the full name of the person who owns the rights to the recording.


  1. Year of recording:

    Select the year in which the recording was made.


  1. Select license type to your track:

    License type designates the ownership of this track. It allows you to earn money from this intellectual property:
    • All rights reserved: This is a copyright statement by the music composition and the lyrics copyright owner. While you may not be said copyright owner, this mention practically corresponds to the most restrictive type of license. It allows Winamp visitors to stream your track for personal listening, but does not allow them to download, distribute, or modify it for any use.”

        NOTE: It is impossible to add content with an all-right reserved license in a free tier.


    • Some rights reserved (by default, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 Creative_Commons_-removebg-preview.png):  This Creative Commons license allows Winamp visitors to use your track for personal use, as well as to share it, provided you are credited as the author/creator but prohibits any commercial use and any modification. However, the current Winamp platform has not yet enabled the possibility for Winamp visitors to download and share the works. If you want to know more about Creative Commons, please visit the link:


  1. ISRC code (International Standard Recording Code):

    ISRC codes are essential for tracking plays of your music. If you don’t have a code for this track, we will generate one for you when you publish your track.


All the steps are complete; you can click on β€œAdd track” and make it available in your Library for a future release, or you can click on β€œSave and quit” and come back later to finish the registration of your track.



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