The next step in registering your track is identifying the people who have contributed to it:


  • Artist / Band name:

    • Indicate the name of the artist one by one.
  • Select role:

    • Add the details of other artists and contributors who worked on this track
        • Primary artist:
            • The principal performer on the track/album.
        • Featuring artist:
            • Participation in a song by another artist.
        • Remixer:
            • A person who creates new versions of existing music.
        • Composer (music author):
            • An artist who writes non-vocal music; creates the melody.
        • Author (lyricist): 
            • The person who writes the words to a song. 
        • Songwriter: 
            • An artist who composes both lyrics & instrumental part of a song.


  • Spotify ID / Apple ID:

    • Enter the ID of your track if it has one.
  • Describe your contributors (Optional):

    • Shown if you publish to Winamp. Credits text gives listeners more information about the people involved in your track. 
  • Publisher Name:

    • Provide the name of the publisher. If you don’t have a Publisher, enter the composer’s full name, and add “Copyright Control” as the publisher.
  • Link a composer, lyricist, or writer to this publisher (Optional):

    • If several people from different publishing houses are involved in this track, please link them. Place their first name and last name (not artist names).



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