When you upload your tracks it can happen that it doesn't work. This is probably due to a technical problem or a check to be done on the copyright.

To ensure that your track is registered successfully, please be aware of these error messages and what to do in these situations:


  • Unsupported file type: If track upload fails, make sure track respects the required format:

                 - WAV, FLAC & AIFF

                 - 16 or 24 bits

                 - 44,1 or 48 kHz

                 - 1 or 2 channels

                 - Max 480 MB


NOTE: MP3 and M4A are not supported formats.


  • Track upload failed: This track couldn’t be uploaded successfully from your data. It’s probably a technical issue. Try again later.
  • Track processing failed: This track couldn’t be processed successfully. This error message means something happened when you tried to save your track in your library. It’s probably a technical issue. Try again later.
  • Copyright detected: You cannot release this track as it may contain copyrighted material. In this case, the track is uploaded and ready to be published, but something happened during the scan. You will receive an email explaining the exact reason for this blocking and the different solutions.
  • Track locked: Winamp has locked the track and can’t be used. If the track was in a live release on any service, these releases have been taken down. The track is “on hold” status, most of the time is linked to the rights, agreement, issue with P.R.O reported... If so, proofs may be requested.



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