Once your account is created, let's upload your tracks in your personal space.


  1. Ensure the file type is supported:

  • WAV, FLAC, or AIFF (16bit/24 bit, 44,1kHz / 48kHZ, 1 or 2 channels). The maximum file size is 480 MB.


  1. Fill in the track information as accurately as possible:


Track title

Track Title: Don't use ALL CAPS, emoticons, or emojis. Do not include additional information (artist names, dates, or version information)

Track version (Optional): If this track is a version of a previously released (e.g., radio edit, remastered, remixed), add information here. Do not include it in the Track title.

Track title language: This is the language used in the title of your track, not the language of the actual song.


Genre: Select in the list the genre of your track. You can also add a subgenre (optional).


Lyrics: Does this track have lyrics or explicit text? Tick the answer on the list. Select "Clear version" if this track version does not contain explicit lyrics, but it's available elsewhere in another version with explicit lyrics.


Main instrument (Optional): If applicable, select in the list the main instrument featured in this track.

Mood (Optional): Select the primary mood associated with this track in the list.

Tracks notes (Optional): Shown if you publish to Winamp. Track notes let you provide listeners with more information about your track.


NOTE: ⚠️ Be aware that you will have 30 days to make a release with your track on Winamp. Once this period is over, your track will be deleted from your list, and you will need to re-upload it to let your fans enjoy it.


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