To apply your tracks to YouTube Content ID, start by uploading and publishing the tracks you want to submit via the Media Library. Make sure to fill out the Required Meta Data.

Once this step is completed make sure to create a collection and afterwards navigate to the YouTube Monetization section as indicated below.


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Each eligible track will appear in the “select from media” section”. Click on the track you want to submit to youtube content ID.


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After selecting a track, you'll be prompted to activate it and submit it to YouTube Content ID. Before proceeding, ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria. Any track that doesn't comply with the criteria listed below will be rejected, and non-compliance may result in exclusion from Winamp for Creators.

  • The track is registered under a CC BY-NC-ND/ARR license
  • The track's duration is longer than one minute.
  • Recordings that contain audio made available for free from Garage Band, Logic, Fruity Loops, Ableton, and other Digital Audio Workstations
  • The Track Is not a cover, medley, sample, or remix of another artist's song.
  • The Track Is not a live performance, speech recording or podcasts.
  • The Track is not in public domain.
  • The Track Is not an alternate version of a track already distributed for CID
  • The Track is not distributed for Content ID by another distributor
    • Examples are Jamendo, Haawk, Tunecore, RouteNote, Believe,..


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After clicking "submit," your track will undergo processing by the moderation team. Depending on the outcome indicated by the status, you can verify whether your track has been accepted for YouTube Content ID monetization services.







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