Winamp will provide you with details of all earnings owed to you in the "Revenue" section of your Creator account on Winamp for Creators. The ad revenue share specific to the product type for which your track has been accepted will be displayed in this section.

Winamp Licensing Catalog 

Immediately after a client has purchased a license of your song, the revshare is injected into your artist account. The Catalog revshares become payable 4 months after the transaction has been made. This means that they are injected immediately into your full balance, but they can be paid out only 4 months later.

Winamp Licensing Instore

The revshare is injected by quarter into your artist account, with one year delay. For example, what you earn during Q1-2023 (January, February, March 2023), will be injected during Q1-2024. The revshare of Q2-2023 will be injected in Q2-2024, and so on.





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