Winamp operates on a revenue-sharing basis. This means that you receive a portion of the total revenue generated, particularly through Licensing in this context. 

To thoroughly explain how the revenue share will be calculated, we need to distinguish between in-store and catalog revenue share.

The revenue share for In-Store licenses is calculated as follows:

75% of the sales amount is shared with the artists and Winamp. The remaining 25% of the revenues is deducted to cover processing fees and admin costs. The revenue share you receive is linked to the number of your tracks that are included within the In-Store radios.

Note: When your tracks are accepted for the In-Store program, they are not automatically included within the In-Store radios. Rather, they are included to a pool of tracks, from which our music team programs the In-Store radios. Only those that are actually included within a radio generate revenue for the month they are included.

The revenue share for Catalog licenses is calculated as follows

The revenue share for catalog licenses depends on two factors: the number of licenses you have already sold on Winamp and whether your tracks are licensed exclusively or non-exclusively on Winamp. The percentage thus can vary between 30% - 65%.




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