Winamp for Creators - Licensing emphasizes the quality of tracks over quantity, ensuring that the content provided to clients aligns with their needs.

As a result a moderation process has been put into place, in which all newly applied tracks are being moderated manually. Our music team is listening to each track individually and applies or rejects the track depending on several criteria.

Note: the criteria applied here are unique to Winamp. Your tracks might be accepted on other licensing platforms, but rejected at Winamp, or vice versa.

Possible Reasons for Refusal - Limited commercial potential : Not every good track can be sold for the synchronization with videos and/or as background music for a public place. Tracks that have no or little commercial potential can be rejected.

Possible Reasons for Refusal - Music production issues : Commercial tracks require a high level of production. Tracks that have background noise or problems with the recording will be rejected.


Possible Reasons for Refusal - Copyright content On Winamp, you can only upload tracks of which you are the sole right holder. Tracks are rejected if they are or have: Covers, samples, remixes and/or watermark.

Possible Reasons for Refusal - Non-musical content Any spoken audios, guided meditations, publicities, or newsreels will be rejected.

Possible Reasons for Refusal - Non-appropriate lyrics In Catalog and In-Store music is used commercially and can therefore not contain any lyrics that are not appropriate.




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