Ready to sell your music on Winamp? You can participate your tracks to us and we’ll license your music commercially for you.

Winamps offers the following license types

  • Catalog licenses allow our clients to use your music in their multimedia projects
  • In-Store license allows our clients to play your music as the background music

Please note that by submitting tracks for licensing, you automatically agree to include them in our Catalog & In Store service. However, before doing so, you must first upload and publish your music via the Media Library. 


How do you participate - A step-by-step guide : Select Tracks

  • From your artist account, navigate to the Licensing menu highlighted on the left.
  • Choose the tracks you wish to apply to Winamp Licensing.
  • Confirm your selection by clicking on Monetize Tracks.

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How do you participate - A step-by-step guide : ISRC & UPC/EAN Code

You're almost there! Ensure you complete the specific metadata required to submit your tracks for licensing. 

  • If you already have an ISRC & UPC/EAN Code code, make sure to fill it in.
  • If you don’t have one, select that you do not have one & we’ll generate one for you.

If you distribute your songs to mainstream streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, etc.) through a distributor (Winamp, Distrokid, CD Baby, TuneCore, Ditto, etc.), you already have an ISRC code.


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How do you participate - A step-by-step guide : Performance Rights (PRO)

Can you not participate in Winamp Licensing when you are already registered with a P.R.O? That depends on your collecting society as the conditions vary a lot between different P.R.O's in different countries.

The P.R.O's in some countries are very flexible and allow you to indicate if you want to manage your licenses on Winamp without them (e.g. most P.R.O's in the US).

  • BMI : Get your direct license.
  • ASCAP : Get your direct license.

Having a direct license means that no royalties will be collected by a performing rights organization (P.R.O) for this music as it pertains to licenses sold to Winamp's clients while having no PRO affiliation means that no royalties will be collected by a performing rights organization (P.R.O) for this music.

For a Winamp client, both translate to: If I purchase a license here, I won't have to pay an additional fee to my P.R.O. This makes your music more attractive for Clients.

If you are registered with a P.R.O other than BMI and/or ASCAP, don’t worry—you can still submit your tracks for licensing. The only difference is that we'll will need to inform the client that they will have to pay an additional fee to your registered Performance Rights Organization (P.R.O).


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How do you participate - A step-by-step guide : Tags & Meta Data

Tagging your music correctly is one of the most important things to do on Winamp.

Accurate tagging significantly increases the chances of your track ending up in the charts and being discovered by clients. Tags and metadata play a crucial role in making your tracks appear in relevant searches conducted by users and customers.

  • You need to do this separately for every song!
  • As a main rule, 5-6 tags are more than enough
  • Select two genres/subgenres
  • Select one or two instruments
  • Select one or two themes & moods.

Yes, there can be too many tags! Remember that the more accurate your tags are, the easiest it will be for people to find your track.


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How do you participate - A step-by-step guide : License Type

Have you ever thought about what the phrase “copyright all rights reserved” actually implies? It is essential to understand the copyright rules and regulations to preserve intellectual property in today’s era. Do you need additional information? Take a look at your license type explained? 


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Once you've selected the correct license type, remember to click "publish" while our moderation team reviews the tracks you've submitted. For more details, refer to the frequently asked questions about licensing status explained.





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