Imagine your music will be played in shops and restaurants all over the planet! Just imagine you're on holiday somewhere far away and suddenly you hear your track playing as you're stepping into a bar. Wouldn't that be awesome? Well, In-Store is exactly that and this article will tell you more:

The Winamp Instore License

The In-Store license gives access to several radios of different music genres. They can be played as background music in public establishments, e.g. in a bar, a restaurant, a shop, and others. In-Store clients come from all over the world, although our biggest markets are France, Spain, the US, and several other European countries.

To our clients, the Winamp In-Store license is more attractive than the license of their Performance Rights Organisation (PRO). Plus they get to support independent artists that they wouldn't necessarily listen to on the public radio or on Spotify.

Which of my songs are added to the In-Store radios?

When you apply your tracks for In-Store, they will first be moderated on their quality and relevance. Your tracks need to fit the genres of the radios.

When your songs are accepted, they are added to the pool of tracks from which our music team creates the radios. Being accepted does not necessarily mean, that your tracks have been added to a radio.

We update the radios every month by 10%. This means that your tracks can be removed from the radios and added again later.


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