Imagine your music will be played in family videos, publicities, during an event, in a mobile app, or even in a video game! The Winamp Catalog licenses makes this happen.


What are the Winamp Catalog licenses?

The Winamp Catalog License offers several different licenses of synchronization. One license is valid to synchronize/use one song in one project. The projects can be online videos, audios (e.g. a podcast), a mobile app, radio, cinema or television spots, video games, and others.

The licenses are perpetual, meaning that the song can be used forever in the project that the client has indicated on their license. Depending on their scope, Catalog licenses may different prices.


Which of my songs are sold in the Catalog?

When you apply your tracks for In-Store, they will first be moderated on their quality and relevance. The songs that are accepted are added immediately to the Catalog.

As the name indicates, the Catalog has many thousands of songs from Winamp artists. Although we add the best songs in the spotlight, the customers choose which song they want to license. For this, they use the search bar. If you want your music to appear under the right search terms, it is crucial that you tag your songs correctly.


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