As mentioned in our introduction Article, around 3.7 Million new videos are uploaded to YouTube every day. This is huge, especially if you consider that a lot of video creators do not necessarily understand that they need to purchase the rights of a song in order to use it. Using YouTube Content ID comes with two great perks:


You’ll be able to monetize all the videos using your content

Ads will be displayed on the videos that contain your creations. The revenues generated by those ads will go directly to you.

The YouTube Content ID revenues may be hard to predict. The potential earnings depend on many factors, including but not limited to, the virality of the videos. Either way, it is great to know that you have the possibility to monetize the productions infringing on your rights.


You’ll be able to gain an overview of who uses your content and how it’s used

This may even be more interesting than the simple revenue generation: the reports that you receive on Content ID include all information that has been identified by YouTube Content ID. You can easily understand the type of videos in which your music is used.

If your productions mostly aim at selling licenses to video producers, this can be a great asset in helping you define what to produce next.


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