What is happening on July 2nd?

On July 2nd, we will release the beta Version 2.0 of our platform. This new version includes several enhancements aimed at improving the user experience.

Why is there a new version?

The current version (v1) has been functional, but we have been actively working on incorporating user feedback to develop our platform further.

What do I need to do to access the new platform?

Starting July 2nd, you will need to re-register with the email address linked to your account and set up a new password to access the platform and recover your artist profile.

What will happen to my current tiers in the Fanzone?

From July 2nd, all your tiers will disappear from the Fanzone. Fans will still see the content that has already been published in their feed, but their subscriptions will stop. You will need to create new tiers.

Will I lose the revenue I've generated so far?

No, the revenue you've generated will still be in your wallet.

How will my fans be affected?

We will notify your fans and invite them to re-subscribe to your new tiers. They will still be able to see the content already published in their feed, but they will need to subscribe to the new tiers you create.




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