Type of Revenue sharing rule refers to the financial model used for revenue distribution towards the selected collaborators. As a label you can choose between:

  • Variable revenue share rules (percentage of revenue generated)
  • Fixed revenue share rules (a specific amount of revenue). 

Everything will depend on the data you entered in the "Type of Sharing" field as shown in the overview below. (Type of Sharing : Percentage or Fixed rate). Up to you to decide what suits you best. 


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Fixed Revenue Share Rule?

After selecting fixed revenue sharing as the type and defining your rate, and confirming the new revenue sharing principle, you will be redirected to complete all necessary details related to your rule.

On this page, you can specify:

  • The fixed rate (the amount of revenue you wish to share),
  • The frequency at which you want to distribute this amount to your collaborator
  • The start and end dates during which you want this rule to apply.

Please note that if you apply a fixed revenue share, you will not have the option to allocate revenue per service line available on Winamp for creators.


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Variable Revenue Share Rule?

Variable revenue sharing rules can be established by specifying the percentage of revenue share you will transfer to your collaborator. Additionally, you can further divide this share by selecting the service lines to which the variable should apply.

  • Choose percentage (%) as the sharing type.

Screenshot 2024-06-25 at 14.26.06.png

  • Complete the page below, providing all necessary details for the variable revenue split. 

    • Artist level: Select all or specific artists whose revenue generation will be used to calculate the collaborator's payout.
    • Service Line: Choose the service lines that should contribute to the revenue share calculation, serving as a basis for the collaborator's payout.
    • Restrict geographical regions based on country or continent. Revenue generated from excluded regions will not be included in the overall calculation.

Screenshot 2024-06-25 at 14.29.43.png


After entering all variable information, be sure to click "Confirm" to save the filled-out information.







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