Winamp operates on a revenue-sharing basis, as explained below. This means that you receive a portion of the total revenue generated.  The revenue share withheld by Winamp for Creators varies depending on the type of service, outlined as follows:

  • Fanzone: Winamp deducts a 15% fee from the revenues generated.
  • Distribution: Artists retain 100% of their earnings generated.
  • Rights Management: Artists receive 90% of the copyright royalties generated.
  • Winamp Collectibles: Artists receive 92,5% of the gross revenue received.
  • Content ID: Artists receive 80% of the gross revenue received.
  • Licensing In Store: Artists receive 75% of the gross revenue received.
  • Licensing Catalog: Artists receive 30% - 65% of the gross revenue received.

If you're a label looking to share the revenue generated from your work with one or more collaborators, the following paragraphs will guide you through the process. All unallocated revenue will be available in your wallet.


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Set Revenue Share Rules? 

If you're an artist wanting to share the revenue from your work with one or more collaborators, you'll need to establish the rules for distributing the generated revenue.

  • Access your admin dashboard located on the top right & select Revenue Share

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  • Click "Start Sharing Revenue" and create one or multiple revenue sharing rules.

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  • Start by creating your revenue sharing rule (beneficiary, source and type of sharing information).

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Beneficiary Information: The purpose of revenue sharing is for label owners to define how their collaborators are compensated based on their roles. Ensure you select the correct label and collaborator with whom you intend to share revenue as these rules are irreversible.

Source Information: Choose the revenue source that will serve as the basis for further distributing the revenue share. This selection can be applied on a single or multiple artist basis, or specifically for one or multiple service lines offered on Winamp for Creators.

Type of Sharing Information: The type of sharing information determines the financial model used for revenue distribution. You can choose between a variable revenue share model (percentage of revenue generated) or a fixed revenue share model (a specific amount of revenue). Both options can include additional restrictions based on the type of Service.

  • Fixed Revenue Share (not available per service)
  • Variable Revenue Share
  • Variable Revenue Share per Service line.

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After entering your information, be sure to confirm and save it. If you have further questions about the available revenue share rules, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page for an explanation of revenue share rules.

Once your revenue share rules are confirmed, an overview will be available in your admin dashboard under the revenue share tab, highlighting all the rules you've defined.


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