A collaborator is a user who contributes to your artist's or label's activities and revenue. To share a portion of the revenue generated through one of Winamp for Creators' service lines with a specific user, you need to invite them as a collaborator.

Here are some examples of the types of collaborators:

  • A collaborator can be the owner of the label.
  • A collaborator can be the owner of the artist.
  • A collaborator can take on default roles such as composer, publisher, catalog manager, accountant, graphic designer, or promotion manager.
  • A collaborator can hold any custom role for a label or an artist.

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Add a Collaborator? 

There are two different methods for inviting a collaborator:

  • For a Specific Artist: If the collaborator works exclusively for a particular artist, you can add them through the "Artist" tab in the account dashboard.
  • For Multiple Labels or Artists: If the collaborator works with multiple labels or multiple artists, it is recommended to add them via the "Collaborators" tab in the account dashboard.

In this paragraph, we will explain how to add a collaborator who may work with multiple artists and/or labels. First, navigate to your account dashboard and click on the "Collaborators".


Invite a Collaborator?

To add a collaborator, you first need to invite them to Winamp for Creators. This invitation will allow the collaborator to create an account and subsequently receive the revenue you have allocated to them. First, click on "Invite Collaborators" as indicated in the middle of the screen.


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Next, enter the email address of the collaborator you wish to invite. You can also invite multiple collaborators simultaneously. Don’t forget to add the right label.


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Click on "Send Invitations" to invite the collaborators to your account. They will receive an automatic email with an invitation to join Winamp for Creators.


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Once they accept your invitation to collaborate, their status will transition from pending to active, signifying their official role as a collaborator.

Now is the time to allocate specific roles, enhancing your ability to identify your collaborator throughout your journey with Winamp for creators.


Set a Collaborators' role?

Now that you've sent out invitations to your collaborators, it's time to establish their specific roles and permissions. Note that you can configure user permissions even while the invitation status is pending.


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After clicking on "Set Permissions," you can define the roles for the collaborator.

  • Add Label Role: This role allows the collaborator to apply to all artists under the selected label and will apply as well to any future artists joining the label.
  • Add Artist Role: This role allows the collaborator to apply specifically to that artist only which is linked to a specific label (and will overwrite the specific label permissions).


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Once you've added the specific user permissions, the collaborator's profile will automatically update with all necessary information for them to access it.


Set a Collaborator Overview?

Once you've added your collaborators, you can review a comprehensive overview of those allocated to a specific artist or label by navigating to the "Collaborators" tab in your account dashboard.





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