If you're eager to start using and benefiting from Winamp's monetization services, simply click on “add an artist first” on account dashboard. Once created you can head over to the media library—this is where the magic happens!


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After clicking on "you need to add an artist first", you'll be redirected to a new screen. As an artist, you’re about to create your own artist account to manage your work, making you both the artist, label and the collaborator. Simply Click “add Artist”.


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To create an artist account, you'll need to provide some personal information, including your Artist Name, Label, Genre, Country, Social Links, Bio, and Profile Picture. The more information you provide, the more personalized the experience will be for you, your fans, and your collaborators.


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After completing all the requested meta data you’ll get a general overview on how your artist profile shall look like. You can always make last-minute changes by clicking on the small edit icon in the top right corner.


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Once confirmed you will have several options on how to move forward:

  • View your Artist Profile as a fan by clicking "View as Fan". 
  • Upload media by clicking "Add Media" to get started.
  • Invite collaborators by clicking "Invite Artist Collaborators". 

If you can’t wait to upload your music, create your artist profile, follow your statistics, talk to your fans, and participate in other monetization services you’ll simply have to click on “Add Media” which shall navigate you to the Media Library.





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