The following paragraph outlines the various statuses you may encounter in the media library during and after the audio upload process.

Below, you will find brief explanations of each status, along with links to articles that provide comprehensive details on what to do depending on the outcome.


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Track Status Upload Failed: This track couldn’t be processed successfully. Try again by first deleting the track, but make sure the track complies with the accepted track formats.

Track Status Copyright Infringement: This notification indicates that Winamp has identified your track as matching copyrighted material. Please ensure to remove the track accordingly.

Track Status Edit: The status "Edit" indicates the track is missing information required for a service. Please ensure you complete the necessary metadata.

Track Status Ready: Track Status "Ready" means that all metadata has been completed and the track has all the necessary information to be used for the selected service.

Track Status In Use: Track Status "In Use" indicates that the track is currently being used in the service line for which all metadata has been completed and the track has been published.





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