Welcome to your personal account space on Winamp. Here you’re able to add artists, labels, invite collaborators, set revenue share, add payout methods and so on.



Your account is organized into 12 different parts. Do you want to know more? Click on the topics below to be redirected to the articles in question.

  • Label: The place where you link artists & Collaborators." 
  • Artists: Create artist profiles & start managing them." 
  • Collaborators: Invite Collaborators & Assign them roles." 
  • Revenue Share: Manage Collaborator revenue Split." 
  • Wallet: Detailed overview of your payments." 
  • Llama Coin: The official Winamp cashless currency." 
  • Taxes: All Tax Documentation at your fingertips." 
  • Personal Info: Your Personal Account Information" 
  • Settings & Notifications: Customise your account Settings" 
  • Contracts: All Signed Contracts in a single place" 
  • Login & Security: Sad to see you want to delete your account." 
  • Privacy & sharing: data, services and devices 

If you can’t wait to upload your music, create your Artist profile, follow your statistics, talk to your fans, and participate in other monetization services you can always close the account dashboard on the top right.


Screenshot 2024-06-24 at 12.40.07.png


After having completed your artist profile, you'll be directed to where the magic happens, enabling you to upload audio files or fill in metadata depending on the service lines. 


Screenshot 2024-06-24 at 12.41.56.png





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