Uploading a profile picture when creating a Winamp account personalizes your profile, making it easier for others to recognize and connect with you. It enhances your professional image, helps distinguish your account from others.


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Choose a picture of yourself...

We all relate to familiar faces and build stronger connections with artists who we think we know thanks to their pictures. Similarly, a bad photo can discourage people from listening to your music, so you want to avoid this.

If you’re serious about your music career, investing in a professional photo session could be a good idea. Or maybe you have a friend who is very passionate about taking pictures.


...or create a logo

Some artists create a logo or a cartoon drawing. This can become your trademark and will make it really easy for fans and customers alike to recognise your music very easily. Think for example about the Rolling Stones stretched out tongue. The picture should, of course, represent yourself and/or the music you are creating.


Use always the same picture

If you already have a good fan base, you are more likely to confuse them than to surprise them by changing pictures. They might not recognise that the new picture is you. Rather, use the artworks of your albums to surprise them with new creative pictures, while your profile picture stays the same.


Size Requirements?

With Winamp for Creators, you can adjust your profile picture to meet the accepted size requirements effortlessly.






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