First time accessing the feature, for Creators Without a Connected Wallet

  1. Sign In:
    1. Ensure you are signed in to your creator account.
  2. Create a Track:
    1. Navigate to “Music Repertoire”.
    2. Add a new track.
    3. Fill in all mandatory fields and save.
    4. Wait for the track to attain “releasable” status.
  3. Create an Album:
    1. Create an album of type “Single Track”.
    2. Fill in all mandatory fields and select your releasable track.
  4. Connect a Wallet:
    1. Go to the NFT section in the left side menu.
    2. Click on “Connect Wallet”.
    3. Follow the prompts to connect your preferred digital wallet. (e.g.:
  5. Set Up Your NFT:
    1. Select your album.
    2. Set a price (minimum 0.01 USDC). USDC is a fully backed, regulated digital currency that can be redeemed 1:1 for US dollars. USDC is a digital dollar. Read more here: 
    3. Add a description.
    4. Optionally, add perks (text)
    5. Hit continue
    6. Review the summary.
    7. Confirm, hit publish to create the NFT. Once the NFT has been created, there's no turning back aside from unlisting the asset from sales. If there are typos, they will likely live forever on decentralized storages.
  6.  Marketplace Listing:
    1. Your NFT will appear on both Rarible and Winamp Player within a few minutes.
    2. Rarible handles all transactions aspects and their terms of use apply.


For Creators Wit a Connected Wallet

Same procedure as above, however in step 4 you won't have to reconnect your wallet.


Common Issues

Duplicate NFTs:

It is not possible to have two Winamp Originals NFTs with the same track.

Each track can only be associated with one NFT.




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