The all-in-one platform for Music Creators

Winamp for Creators is the all-in-one platform that empowers music creators by bringing together all the essential services they need to monetize their music.


Fanzone enhances your relationship with dedicated listeners by allowing you to create your own subscription plans and reward your most engaged fans with exclusive content. Such as an early access to your new release, behind the scenes and much more.


Make your music available on all the major streaming services, including Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, TikTok and many more. Upload unlimited tracks for free and collect 100% of your master royalties.

Copyright management by Bridger

As your music’s author, composer, or songwriter, you generate copyright royalties each time your tracks are played on streaming platforms. Collect those royalties directly on Winamp and generate a new income stream.


Winamp empowers you to turn your work into unique digital collectibles. You can create and monetize your work with just a few clicks without worrying about coding, royalties, or losing copyright. We’ve got you covered!

Licensing by Jamendo

License your music for commercial use in ads, video games, TV, and video content worldwide. Reach thousands of sync professionals and get paid a fair revenue share for each placement.

Jamendo :






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