Your statements explained

To find your statements:

  1. Sign in to your Bridger account
  2. Click on "My Statements"

On the tab "Copyright Royalty Statements", you can see the full amount of royalties, per royalty distribution date.

In the example below you can see that:

  1. we distributed on 28/07/2023, (Creation Date)
  2. from US  and only for the Mechanical rights (Description),
  3. and the total amount distributed to the artist is 589.61 (Net Amount).

This is the total amount that you will receive. Bridger has already deducted the 10% for our services.

Picture 1.png

On the tab " Account Statements" you can have a more detailed view, per Streaming platform.

To better understand this page start reading from the lower part of the screen to the upper. 

In the example below you can see that:

  1. On Jul 31 (Allocation Date)
  2. we received for this member 25,65 euros (Transaction in green color),
  3. from the Streaming platform Pandora (Operation)
  4. We then deduct 10% for our services (Transaction in red color).

In the first line, you can see that this artist has already requested to be paid the total amount of 589.62 euros, and now his balance is 0.00 euros (Withdrawal).

In this example, on gray you can see "Payment Processing" This is the status of the payment.
We have two statuses for the payment

  1. Payment processing, for the time that our accounting team needs to realize the payments
  2. Paid, when the payment to your account has been done.

Picture 2.png






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