Follow the steps below to access an additional revenue source and begin collecting copyright royalties generated on digital services, even without an audio file.

  • Create Your Artist Profile on Winamp for Creators.

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Add Your Spotify and/or Deezer track link: Add your Spotify or Deezer link, and Winamp will automatically synchronize your work information with your account.

Note: You will need to perform these steps for each individual Track. Therefore, it’s advisable to start with the works that have generated the most listens.


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  • Complete your works by clicking on "Complete" and confirming the following:
    • Confirm "I'm a writer and/or a composer", it means that you are the music composer or the lyricist of the selected musical work, or at least one of the collaborators to the composition and/or the lyrics. You own the copyright that Bridger will collect for you.

    • Confirm Originality: Confirm that your selected content is original and that no pre-existing work is covered, mixed, or sampled in your submission. Note that Non original works shall not be accepted

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  • Complete the Split: If you composed the music and/or wrote the lyrics with others, specify the split. By default, you are considered as a songwriter of the musical work (composer and lyricist) and as 100% owner of the performing and the mechanical rights.


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  • Submit Your Works: Once all the selected musical works are ready, click "Submit" to complete the registration process. Please note that there is no way back in this case.


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Once, finalized the registration of your musical works the status shall change as explained in the FAQ Musical Work Status.




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