After uploading your musical works to the media library, completing the media metadata, and creating a collection, follow these steps to start collecting your copyrights:

  • Navigate to Rights Collected by Bridger.

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  • Select the Collection : Choose the collection for which you want to claim your copyright royalties. Ensure all required metadata is completed, as indicated by 'Data Missing'.


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  • Click on "Collect Rights" for the collection(s) you've selected.

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  • Only tracks for which you have indicated "I'm a writer and/or a composer" and "The selected content is original" will have their status marked as to be completed. Only for these tracks you can claim copyright.


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  • Complete the Splits with Co-Creators: If you have composed the music and/or written the lyrics with others, complete the splits accordingly. By default, you are considered the songwriter (composer and lyricist) and 100% owner of the performing and mechanical rights.


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  • Submit Your Works: Once all the selected musical works are ready, click "Submit" to complete the registration process. Please note, this action is irreversible.


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Once you have finalized the registration, the status of your musical works will change as explained in the FAQ section "Music Status Explained".






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