Digital Collectibles Revenue Share

For each Primary Sales or Secondary Sales of the Digital Token, The supported marketplace where the sales occurred shall pay you as Creator your “Revenue Share” of 90% for primary sales and 12.5% for secondary sales (royalties). The revenue share is always paid in the same cryptocurrency that has been used for the sales to occur.

There may be other fees or transactions costs when the revenue share is sent from the marketplace to the creator wallet. While winamp coded the 90% revenue share, winamp can’t be responsible for any additional fees or charges from any 3rd party (e.g.: non-exhaustive: the creator wallet, the blockchain service or the marketplace).

Similarly, the supported marketplace will be responsible for paying Winamp its own revenue share for providing the service.  

Given the pseudonymous nature of blockchain, Winamp will provision the VAT for all primary sales. The applicable rate is 21%. To ensure both the marketplace sellers fee and the VAT is covered, the sales price upon listing (TOTAL) will be set as follows: 

Given an initial price P and VAT v, then the cost is C= P+ vP= P(1+ v).  

Given the vat price C and Fee f, then the total T is T=C+ fC = C(1+f) 


Given Belgium VAT tax of 21% and Marketplace fee of 1% then with a Creator initial price of 100 ; C = 100*(1+0,21) = 121 ; given a sales price of 121, including fees, Total sales price is 121*(1+0,01) = 122,21.

Revenue share for the creator is 90% of Creator Initial price minus 3rd party transaction fees or costs. Thus about 90 (initial creator price is 100)




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