This article provides a clear and comprehensive overview of your payments. It covers various topics such as how your payments are calculated.

For the purpose of this and other related articles, the term "revenue share" will be used to refer to the payment you receive as highlighted in your Wallet. This represents the portion of the total revenue two months after the month in which the earnings were generated.

Your revenue share goes through the following stages.

The calculation of your revenue share : one of the main principles of the new Winamp is fairness, and in line with this value Winamp offers artists a revenue model that works in their favor.

  • Fanzone : Creators will receive an 85% share of the revenue generated from their fan subscriptions.

  • Distribution : Distribution Services shall be free of charge ensuring that artists receive 100% of their earnings.

  • Copyright Management : With our partner bridger you’ll get 90% of the copyright royalties accrued from streaming and downloads.

  • NFT’s : Coming soon

  • Licensing : Coming soon

Your revenue share is injected

Under Not yet available you can see all of the revenue shares that have been injected to your account, but which are not yet able to be withdrawn as it takes 2 full month for us to calculated the exact amount available for withdraw.

The revenue share becomes available

Your wallet balance on Winamp is the amount of money you can request for payment, provided that it meets the minimum threshold of 100, regardless of the currency. When your balance reaches 100, the "Withdraw" button becomes active, allowing you to initiate a payout.

Again note that the revenue share only becomes available two months after the month in which the earnings were generated.




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