What are the minimum requirements for me to create a Winamp Original Collectible?

To create a NFT, you will need:

  • A cover
  • A track (all rights reserved)
  • A release (all rights reserved) with the track
  • A description
  • A price
  • A digital wallet compatible with Ethereum (where we'll send the revenues). At present time we'll only support Metamask


Before you proceed with the creation and sale of your Non-Fungible Token (NFT), it is imperative that you ensure you possess all necessary copyrights and/or commercial rights or appropriate authorizations for any works, including but not limited to Music, Artwork, or any other content, that you intend to include in your NFT.

To safeguard yourself and your project, we strongly advise that you take the following actions:

  • Ensure that you hold the proper copyrights and/or commercial rights for all works you intend to feature in your NFT. If you are not the original creator of the content, make sure you have obtained explicit permission from the rightful copyright holders.
  • If you are using content created by others, obtain written permission from the copyright holders that explicitly grants you the rights to use the content for the purpose of your NFT.
  • Maintain comprehensive documentation of all permissions and licenses obtained. This documentation will serve as evidence that you have acted in good faith and taken the necessary steps to comply with copyright laws.
  • Clearly indicate in your NFT listing the sources of any content used, as well as the nature of your rights to the content. This will help potential buyers make informed decisions.


Albums and track titles should always match the cover image titles as accurately as possible without any class of abbreviation. Once the nft created, you will not be able to change nor the title, nor the description, nor anything else. It is set in stone, much like standard distribution. 

Additional information. 

All titles of releases and tracks and additional information such as description will be made public. Updates won't be possible. Name and detail your NFT accordingly. 


Version information.

Unlike distribution release, the title may include additional information such as “Original Version”, “Album Version”, “Original Mix”, "Remix", "Demo" etc.

References to physical content, digital content, or content which is not included.

The album titles should not include terms referring to contents which are not included in the NFT release , such as physical formats, digital formats or geographic location. E.g.: "Booklet Included". 




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